For an easy distinction of natural gemstones from synthesis, imitates and colour-alterations. Powerful high-end-version to examine coloured-gemstones in immersion-liquid (to reduce disturbing reflections).

Complete-equipment with optical-system "Zeiss-Stemi". Also available with other optical-systems.

Stereo-Zoom Immersion-Microscopes with
ZEISS-Optics and base U2
Optic Stemi 508 Stemi 508-T
Stereo-Optic standard standard
Zoom standard standard
Pair of Eyepiece 10x standard standard
Pair of Eyepiece 25x Special Option Special Option
Eyecups standard standard
Analyzer standard standard
Polarizer standard standard
Ground Glass standard standard
Testing Stage standard standard
2-Clawed-Tongs standard standard
Sample-Cell 30x30 standard standard
Bright-Field-Illumination standard standard
Halide Incident Illumination Special Option Special Option
Camera attachement Special Option Special Option
Trinocular Tube not available standard
Dichroscope Attachment Special Option Special Option
Magnification 6,5x-50x 6,5x-50x

Standard ZubehörStandard accessory

SonderausstattungOptional equipment

nicht verfügbarNot available