Schneider Diamond Loupe Standard

Benefit from our long-standing experience in manufacturing of diamond loupes

Harald Schneider loupes are the true and only real "Original Schneider" loupes.
For this product we have a worldwide copyright.

Wide Ø 18 mm field of vision, high depth of focus.

Fully corrected achromatic & aplanatic lens. Distortion free triplet loupe. Our classic model for diamond graders, gemologists and jewellers. Highest quality German custom made optical glass. Last generation multilayer anti-reflection AR coating (available also without it). Solid-grade aluminium housing. Everything made in Germany. Our in-house product with international reputation. Provides a superbly sharp and crisp image. Our classic (but constantly improved) model loved by all professionals since 1976.

Since 1976 it has been approved as the best loupe for diamond grading worldwide. Often copied, never reached.

Comes with original Harald Schneider lanyard and leather case.