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The key factors in focus

With the gemmological instruments of Harald Schneider, no important mark for valuation and classification gets missed. No gemstone resembles the other and often it needs a professional view to distinguish synthetic from genuine pieces.

Since 1949 own manufacturing • Instrument sockets made of steel plate • Precision manufacturing with a view to longevity and durability • High quality demands

Intrumente für Gemmologen

Schneider Diamond Loupe "L2"

Schneider Diamond Loupe "L1"

Schneider Diamond Loupe "Standard"

Schneider Diamantlupen – Höchste Qualität für den Diamantprofi Schneider Diamantlupe L2 Schneider Diamantlupe L1 Schneider Diamantlupe Standard

Please browse these pages to get more information about SCHNEIDER gemmological instruments . If you are missing an article or you are in need of a special-production please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make an effort to find a solution and  to fulfil your requirements.

In time camera attachement

In time camera attachement for Zeiss stemi and all other stereo zoom systems with eyepiece diameter 30mm. Directly sending the picture in time to PC, Lap Top, Tablet or Beamer. You will directly see what you do. For teaching, for lecture and direct use in documents.

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